BoomerangIt returns lost iPod® in Canada

We had a great return recently we’d like to share with you.

On April 17, an iPod® was reported found on our website by Baggage Services at Regina Airport, Canada. The report was filed by a staff member and said ‘This was found March 29 on an Air Canada aircraft from Calgary. Please have the owner contact us.’ We immediately matched the BoomerangIt ID label from the item to its owner and gave him a call. He was excited to hear from us (he knew he’d lost the iPod) and said he’ll contact Baggage Services. We followed up a week later to confirm he got the item back and here’s what he had to say.

Thanks so much – I have indeed received my iPod back!  I left it in the backseat pocket on a flight from Calgary to Regina. I had reported the loss to the airline, but it was a call two weeks later from BoomerangIt that suggested I call the airline to arrange return. They sent it back to my hometown of Vancouver and I picked it up from the Baggage department. I told the Baggage people about what had happened and they all wanted to hear about your company. I also have a couple of friends that said they were going to start using your service. Thanks again for your help!”

Mark P. Vancouver, Canada

We are happy another customer has benefited from our service which, as the story shows, works worldwide. We would like to thank the Good Samaritan who reported the find and everyone who helped in getting the item back to its rightful owner.


 The Folks at BoomerangIt!

iPod® and the Apple logo® are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. BoomerangIt is not endorsed by or associated with Apple Computer, Inc. 


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