The Marshall Area Safe Communities Coalition is hosting a Bike Safety Day & Car Seat Clinic on May 21, 2009 from 4-7 p.m. at YMCA (200 South A Street) & MARSHALL FIRE DEPARTMENT (201 E Saratoga Street) in Marshall, MN.

Bike Safety Day

 To participate, ride your own bike to the event. Activities include a Bike Course to learn how to safely ride your bike. Benefits include a complimentary National Bike Registry kit to register your bike and another item for 10-years ($10 value).

 Bike safety gear and accessories will be offered as follows:

    * Quality helmets available at great prices

    * Bike locks for $10 ($21 value)

    * FREE Bike registration with the National Bike Registry – compliments of        Marshall Area Crime Fund

During 2008, 136 bikes were turned into the Marshall Police Department. Of those only 14 owners reclaimed their bikes. Due to these statistics, the Marshall Police Department worked with the Marshall Area Crime Fund to provide free bike registrations and quality bike locks at a reduced price to citizens for protection against bicycle theft.

Car Seat Clinic

 Trained advocates will perform evaluations of car seat safety.

Reservations are needed for inspections. Please contact LLMP Public Health Services at 507-537-6713. Inspections slots are 30 minutes per car seat.

For more information about this event, contact Rob Yant, Marshall Director of Public Safety, at 507-537-700 or or Galina Sivilova of BoomerangIt and National Bike Registry at 510-297-4405 or


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